Hello there!

My name is Kim, I am living in Søborg, Copenhagen, and I am Front-end Lead at Dansk Industri, a certified Umbraco developer, former Microsoft .NET certified Web, Windows, SQL and SharePoint developer, and an enthusiastic community participant and contributor.

My main focus is without a doubt frontend developing - I have experienced a world without frameworks and libraries, I have been through the era of Bootstrap, jQuery and Flash and right now focusing on React, Next and monorepo NX.

In my spare time, besides being a father of 2, I like exploring new code and doing code experiments, play badminton not really accepting my actual level, doing Kettlebell/Crossfit training, gaming, biking, skomar and strength training.

This portfolio gathers the most important professional information about me and a few side project - you can also find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, Eksperten and Instagram.